Self-Generating the Quick Charge

Mode Force Level RPM Watts Time Total Energy Output
Twirl 1 140 .8 15 min 25 mWh (900 Joules)
Crank 5 120 4.7 3 min 25 mWh (900 Joules)
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What you can accomplish with the Quick Charge

Application Results
Mobile Phone (current generation) Restart (after recent shut-off)
Flashlight (built-in) 30 minutes of continuous use
Lantern (built-in) 30 minutes of continuous use
Strobe Light (built-in) 40 minutes of continuous use
Emergency Siren (built-in) 35 minutes of continuous use
Plasma Fire Starter (snap-in accessory) 16 ignition cycles of 8 seconds duration
UV Water Purifier (snap-in accessory) Sterilize one liter of unsafe water
Any Other USB Device Depends on power draw


  • 22-mAh capacity Replaceable Battery, type Li-ion 18650

  • 31 lumens Flashlight (built-in)

  • 31 lumens Lantern (built-in)

  • Strobe Light (built-in)

  • 85-decibel Emergency Siren (built-in)

  • 2200° F plasma arc, all-weather Fire Starter (separate attachment)

  • UV Water Purifier (separate attachment)

  • Panic Button to simultaneously trigger the Strobe and Siren

  • 1 micro USB Charging Port for home charging the LIFESABER from a wall socket (or Solar Cells which would be separately available)

  • 1 standard USB Charging Port (for charging USB devices from the LIFESABER)

  • SOS Beacon App for mobile phones which triggers GPS-coded emergency notification texts (stretch goal)

  • Force Multiplier power control electronically adjusts torque from 1x to 5x resistance

  • PowerGrip swing arm, enabling five degrees of motion

Other Specifications

  • ABS Molded plastic body

  • Matte Black (Emergency Orange stretch goal)

  • PowerGrip swing arm handle made of glass-filled nylon and steel—telescopes from 7.5 inches to 13.5 inches

  • Overall length 9 inches, diameter of 2 inches

  • Weight of 15 ounces (without attachments)

  • Weight of attachments, Fire Starter: 2oz. / UV Water Purifier: 3 oz.

  • One color LCD display

  • IP67 Water Resistance

  • Micro USB charging cord included

  • Nylon Carry Bag included (belt holster stretch goal)

  • Two year Repair or Replacement Warranty