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An Inexhaustible Power Supply for Wilderness Survival

Never a dead cellphone. Comes with breakthrough USB generator, light/siren, UV water purifier and plasma firestarter… Live now on Kickstarter.


Never be without power.

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Other Features:

Recharge your mobile phone and other USB devices • Compact and rugged design — goes anywhere • Optimized for comfort and efficiency • Adjust Force Multiplier (torque) to your strength • Even a child can do it • Use with optional snap-in modules • Integrated SOS locater beacon app • Home Charging USB Cable • Optional solar charger • Patent-pending


What will you do with the LIFESABER Multi-tool?

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One Product. Dozens of Uses.

A life-saving investment in your family’s future.


It Happened in Iceland…


Why We Created the LIFESABER:

"An Inexhaustible Energy Supply for Wilderness Survival" 

For many of us, the mobile phone has become the most essential tool in an emergency. But when it runs out of power, there's no way to call for help when you most need it. 

You can carry a spare battery, but that's usually only good for a single charge (assuming the battery hasn't already gone dead). Solar chargers are great, if you have the time and the sun is shining. There are also the old-fashioned 'crank' generators, but they are very awkward, tiring and inefficient (because they rely solely on limited wrist rotation), and only the most expensive models actually work.

And so, we created the LIFESABER™ Personal Emergency Generator™. With this handy tool you can recharge your phone - at any time, indoor or out - with a simple, ergonomic motion that even a child can master. An inexhaustible power supply for your cellphone!

In just 15 minutes - using the simple twirling motion of a jump rope - you can generate a Quick Charge of 25mWh - sufficient to restart a dead cellphone. Or you can produce the required energy in as little as 3 minutes by using your full forearm to 'powercrank' the LIFESABER. Simply shift the patent-pending Force-Multiplier into high gear, matching the torque (resistance) to the strength you can comfortably apply. The PowerGrip™ handle features an unprecedented 5 degrees of motion.

You can also recharge the LIFESABER from a wall outlet - or even a solar panel - so that the replaceable, high-capacity internal battery is always topped off.

The LIFESABER - which will power any USB device - also comes equipped with a built-in flashlight and lantern. In addition, there is a 'panic button' which triggers a blinding strobe & emergency siren (to scare off animal or human predators and to alert rescuers).

In addition to a phone, many of us would like to pack a variety of other powered safety devices - such as an electric fire-starter, weather radio, lantern, U/V water purifier, satellite messenger or even a stun gun. But these can be bulky and heavy (and individually expensive) because each incorporates its own battery, display and controls.

We've solved the weight problem - so now you can have it all!

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Not only is the LIFESABER an inexhaustible cellphone recharger, it also functions as the hub for energizing custom accessories. These snap-in tools are compact, lightweight, reliable - and less expensive - because there are no redundant parts. 

We are currently developing two snap-in modules- an electronic firestarter and UV water purifier. With many other lifesaving accessories to follow, the LIFESABER will become your 'mechatronic multitool' for every emergency.  And a solid investment in your family's future!

With the ruggedly-built LIFESABER in your backpack, glove compartment or bug-out bag, you'll never be alone in an emergency.

For more information please contact Marvin Weinberger,

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