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I look at the LIFESABER as another tool to keep in my Overlanding Jeep kit. A multi use tool for those expected and unexpected power needs. Overlanding requires me to look at every thing I bring to have multiple uses and be compact and strong. 

I keep my Lil Trucker in my Jeep at all times.. I have used it to chop firewood, cut branches with the saw and hammer tent stakes. When there was an initial issue with the Lil Trucker saw blade lock, Marvin developed and shipped out a fix to everyone. He really stands behind his designs.

- PsycoCavr

Iā€™m an avid outdoorsmen and fisherman and Hunter. And I enjoy survival. The LIFESABER is something I would love to have in my backpack and in my camping gear. 

- Nathanial G

As a longtime Innovation Factory customer I'm really looking forward to the LIFESABER and all its features. My Lil'Trucker has been a handy tool (ironically kept in my little truck) and we use the heck out of our SnowMovers every winter.

- Sean P